OnePacificNews, Vancouver, May 31 2018

Ottawa dished out a huge serving of irony today.

Following the outbreak of tariff wars with the United States, here’s what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in the National Post today: “That Canada could be considered a national security threat is inconceivable.”

Funny, but this sounds a lot like Lu Shaye pleading to Canadians that “China is not a threat to Canada” .

In an opinion piece for the Globe and Mail on May 29, the PRC ambassador to Canada expressed deep disappointment with Ottawa’s rejection of the proposed Aecon takeover by a Chinese state firm, citing national security.

Might Trudeau or some members of his team be privately having buyer’s remorse about their Aecon decision?

Two bridges burnt in a week. With our two of our biggest trade partners. At a time when Canada goes deeper into record debt while its economy slows and foreign direct investments are at an eight-year low.

How did it come to this?