OnePacificNews, August 28 2018
A group of international world-class magicians will descend on Vancouver next month, and leave Richmond Hospital Foundation a little richer.
For every ticket purchased to A World of Magic at the Vancouver Playhouse on September 7 to 9, the organiser will donate $3 to the foundation to help the hospital’s expansion.

The Vancouver Magic Festival will be presented by leading magician Juliana Chen and organiser James Liu with the Vancouver Magic Circle as the co-host.
Among the magicians, many of whom have entertained at Las Vegas, are Aaron Crow, Claudius Specht, Ed Alonzo, Juliana Chen, Kevin James, Murray Hatfield & Teresa, and Wayne Houchin, hosted by Chuan Sheng Media Group.

At a press conference on August 17, Au Chak, who is campaigning for a seat in Richmond City council, revealed that he’s “addicted” to magic shows and has always wanted to be a magician.
“Since young, I have been a fan of magic shows, and I have to admit that I’ve been addicted to magic. So whenever I know of a performance, I’ll go and watch. And sometimes I would seek out magic shows myself,” said the veteran politician.

SpencerGall, who represented the Richmond Hospital Foundation, said his organisation “is truly grateful” to the organisers for their decision to donate part of its proceeds to help patients at the hospital.
“Magic ike this is serious fun that also gives people a lot of happiness from watching the performances,” he said.

Vancouver Magic Circle was represented by its president, Byrn Williams, who presented a card game that entertained and impressed the media and event supporters.
A group of other magicians also presented their acts, giving a sneak preview of what Vancouver can expect.