OnePacificNews, November 2 2018, Friday

Ng Weng Hoong

David Eby just gave a good speech about human rights, about how the British Columbia government must address “issues of discrimination” in “creating a more inclusive, just society.”

At the same time, the province’s Attorney General, more than any other politician in British Columbia today, has put the province’s ethnic Chinese community under a cloud by linking them to BC’s numerous problems. Like some members of the media, he has a track record of seeming to focus on the sins and crimes of people from the Chinese community. Will the new human rights commission look into this for possible acts of discrimination?
The B.C. government has introduced legislation that would bring back a human rights commission to the province.

THE CANADIAN PRESS November 1, 2018

VICTORIA — The B.C. government has introduced legislation that would restore a human rights commission to the province.

The commission was dismantled in 2002, but Attorney General David Eby says given what’s happening around the globe, it’s never been more important for governments to do all they can to stand up for human rights.

Eby says every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and by re-establishing the commission, the government is creating a more inclusive, just society.

The proposed Human Rights Code Amendment Act will create an independent human rights commissioner who would report to the legislative assembly.

The commissioner will have a mandate to address issues of discrimination, develop education tools, policies and guidelines to promote human rights and combat patterns of inequality and discrimination in society.

B.C. is currently the only province that doesn’t have such a body.