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Trump, global political instability boost Xi Jinping’s bid to stay beyond 2022, says veteran China watcher

With Donald Trump’s shock election as US President and political instability spreading throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East, veteran China watcher Willy Wo-Lap Lam has doubled down on his prediction that Xi Jinping will extend his stay as China’s top political and military leader by another five years to 2027. And possibly longer. Xi is actively amassing power ahead […]

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China, US, Israel in Vancouver’s drive to become high-tech hub

It is easy to overlook Metro Vancouver’s growing attraction as a hub for technology development and investment amid the endless flow of negative headlines about the city’s housing challenges and British Columbia’s floundering liquefied natural gas (LNG) plans. But for those working to establish a Silicon Valley North in western Canada’s most vibrant region, 2016 is quietly turning into a […]

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Forty years on, Mao celebrated and condemned in Canada’s Richmond City

Louis Huang holds protest sign against Richmond event celebrating Mao Zedong on Sept 3

Louis Huang holding sign protesting Mao celebration in Richmond, Sept 3. Photo by Ng Weng Hoong “Protestors forced Melbourne and Sydney to cancel event” Canada’s Richmond City may have secured the dubious honour of being the only one outside China to host an event celebrating the life of Chinese leader Mao Zedong to mark the 40th anniversary of his death […]

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“Not what it seems” Richmond councillor says of townhouse Mandarin language issue

Here’s a follow-up to the Mandarin language controversy in Richmond City’s 54-unit Wellington Court townhouse complex. In a phone interview after meeting with the strata council’s current and former chair on Saturday (September 3), Richmond City councillor Au Chak said he has shifted his position as “the issue is not what it seems”. In last week’s interview based on what […]

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The Great Wall of Mandarin

Metro Vancouver faces issues on Chinese language use as Canada pushes for greater bilateral ties with China September 6, 2016 Last week, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was promoting Canada in China, the Vancouver Sun published two stories pertaining to the place of the Mandarin language in North America’s most Asian city. In Richmond, a Metro Vancouver city where more […]

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Vancouver’s shell-shocked housing sector casts shadow over BC’s economy

Minister Wat confident economy will ride out shock of 15% tax on foreign buyers of Vancouver homes. Singapore, Hong Kong markets more volatile nearly four years after tax imposed. By Ng Weng Hoong A senior member of Premier Christy Clark’s cabinet has expressed confidence that British Columbia’s economy and real estate market will ride out the provincial government’s shock imposition […]

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Richmond’s Asia transformation: The media’s diversity blind spot

By Ng Weng Hoong, July 17 2016, Sunday If Pierre Pelletier were a politician, he would have come under intense public scrutiny in the last 18 months that he has been in charge of a key surviving institution in British Columbia’s Richmond City. Instead, as publisher of the Richmond News, he has the role of scrutinising politicians, policies, issues and […]

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ISSCO in Canada: At Chinese diaspora conference, scholars will ponder impact of China events

OnePacificNews, July 4 2016, Monday Amid a reported new round of tightening on academic freedom in China, around 50 scholars from some of its universities will be forced to miss this week’s triennial conference in the western Canadian city of Richmond to exchange research findings on Chinese communities around the world. The scholars from China would have formed the largest […]

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Vancouver doesn’t have the world’s second most unaffordable housing: The art of selling a crisis

By NG WENG HOONG, October 8 2015, Thursday   Every city has its own urban legend: Vancouver’s fantasy over the last few years is that it has the world’s second most unaffordable housing. On the back of this piece of unchallenged, unverified scare story, Canadian opinion makers and media have been portraying a city pushed to breaking point by a […]

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