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China, US, Israel in Vancouver’s drive to become high-tech hub

It is easy to overlook Metro Vancouver’s growing attraction as a hub for technology development and investment amid the endless flow of negative headlines about the city’s housing challenges and British Columbia’s floundering liquefied natural gas (LNG) plans. But for those working to establish a Silicon Valley North in western Canada’s most vibrant region, 2016 is quietly turning into a […]

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Vancouver’s shell-shocked housing sector casts shadow over BC’s economy

Minister Wat confident economy will ride out shock of 15% tax on foreign buyers of Vancouver homes. Singapore, Hong Kong markets more volatile nearly four years after tax imposed. By Ng Weng Hoong A senior member of Premier Christy Clark’s cabinet has expressed confidence that British Columbia’s economy and real estate market will ride out the provincial government’s shock imposition […]

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Richmond’s Asia transformation: The media’s diversity blind spot

By Ng Weng Hoong, July 17 2016, Sunday If Pierre Pelletier were a politician, he would have come under intense public scrutiny in the last 18 months that he has been in charge of a key surviving institution in British Columbia’s Richmond City. Instead, as publisher of the Richmond News, he has the role of scrutinising politicians, policies, issues and […]

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Two views of the Chinese stock market crash: Willy Lam vs Chen Bo

OnePacificNews, July 17, 2015, Friday Two China scholars were in Vancouver the past week to share their contrasting perspectives of developments in the country. Given the country’s rise and the expansive global ambitions of President Xi Jingping, the focus on China today is no longer just for the academia. Starting out as a journalist, Hong kong-based Willy Wo-Lap Lam, 63, […]

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China’s stock market blow-up: the beginning of the collapse or just another speed bump?


OnePacificNews, July 8, 2015, Wednesday According to Bloomberg, the Shanghai Composite Index lost nearly 32% of its value over the past month, wiping out more than US$3.3 trillion in shareholder value on its way down from 5,132 points on June 8 to 3,507 points on July 8. Add this to the unfolding problems in Greece, the Eurozone, Russia, Latin America […]

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Hate crime against Chinese realtors in Nanaimo. A spillover from Vancouver’s housing problems?


Nanaimo City. Photo source: Coast Realty Group   OnePacificNews, June 23 2015, Tuesday Check out the excerpts from two stories below from the Nanaimo Daily. Over the last two years, Vancouver’s mainstream media has taken to blaming Chinese demand for singlehandedly creating the city’s housing problems. Lacking balance and shorn of detailed investigative reporting to uncover other possible causes, their […]

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Rohingya Genocide: The case of the missing stakeholders

Dalai Lama, official website

OnePacificNews, June 10 2015, Wednesday The suffering and humiliation of probably the world’s most oppressed people today provide a disgraceful moral reminder of what Asia still needs to do to try match its many material achievements. Depending on whom you ask, the Rohingya population living in southeastern Myanmar numbers anything between 700,00 and 1.5 million. But there is little disagreement […]

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Chinese business migrants question BC’s plan on official languages requirement

OnePacificNews, June 1 2015, Monday Entrepreneurs from China hoping to migrate to Canada are protesting the BC government’s plan to require them to demonstrate working knowledge of at least one of the country’s two official languages or it won’t support their application for permanent residency. With Ottawa already imposing the minimum language requirement under the Federal programme, business applicants have […]

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