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Trump, global political instability boost Xi Jinping’s bid to stay beyond 2022, says veteran China watcher

With Donald Trump’s shock election as US President and political instability spreading throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East, veteran China watcher Willy Wo-Lap Lam has doubled down on his prediction that Xi Jinping will extend his stay as China’s top political and military leader by another five years to 2027. And possibly longer. Xi is actively amassing power ahead […]

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Vancouver’s housing “conversation”: The missing voices

By Ng Weng Hoong, November 12 2016, Saturday Why were there no Chinese or Asian speakers and so few Asian delegates at what was touted as Vancouver’s first “global” summit on housing issues? The question seemed to surprise Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas, the city’s general manager for community services, who organised the “Re:Address” series of events with the University of British Columbia […]

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China, US, Israel in Vancouver’s drive to become high-tech hub

It is easy to overlook Metro Vancouver’s growing attraction as a hub for technology development and investment amid the endless flow of negative headlines about the city’s housing challenges and British Columbia’s floundering liquefied natural gas (LNG) plans. But for those working to establish a Silicon Valley North in western Canada’s most vibrant region, 2016 is quietly turning into a […]

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ISSCO in Canada: At Chinese diaspora conference, scholars will ponder impact of China events

OnePacificNews, July 4 2016, Monday Amid a reported new round of tightening on academic freedom in China, around 50 scholars from some of its universities will be forced to miss this week’s triennial conference in the western Canadian city of Richmond to exchange research findings on Chinese communities around the world. The scholars from China would have formed the largest […]

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US vs China: At least they’re still talking to each other, and playing football

Photo source: FIFA

Photo source: FIFA OnePacificNews, June 25 2015 It’s USA vs China all week, starting with the 7th US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington DC from Monday, June 22 to Wednesday, and ending in Ottawa June 26, Friday with their women’s national soccer teams squaring off for a semi-final place in the World Cup. Hundreds of senior officials from both […]

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What if Canada succeeds as a major Renminbi clearing hub?

Photo source:

Photo source: Canadians face choice to welcome or oppose China’s growing influence and investment funds By NG WENG HOONG OnePacificNews, June 25, 2015, Thursday Amid the growing debate over China’s influence in Canada, an estimated 200 delegates attended the June 16 inaugural Pacific Finance & Trade Summit in Vancouver to promote Canada as a trading and clearing hub for […]

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Chinese migration to North America and the Magna Carta


OnePacificNews, June 16 2015, Tuesday According to Migration Policy Institute, a total of nearly three million Chinese nationals migrated to the US and Canada between 1980 and 2013. More than two million chose the US and nearly 900,000 went to Canada over that 33-year period which roughly coincides with the opening up of modern China. Like the many generations that […]

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Rohingya Genocide: The case of the missing stakeholders

Dalai Lama, official website

OnePacificNews, June 10 2015, Wednesday The suffering and humiliation of probably the world’s most oppressed people today provide a disgraceful moral reminder of what Asia still needs to do to try match its many material achievements. Depending on whom you ask, the Rohingya population living in southeastern Myanmar numbers anything between 700,00 and 1.5 million. But there is little disagreement […]

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