Richmond’s Asia transformation: The media’s diversity blind spot

By Ng Weng Hoong, July 17 2016, Sunday If Pierre Pelletier were a politician, he would have come under intense public scrutiny in the last 18 months that he has been in charge of a key surviving institution in British Columbia’s Richmond City. Instead, as publisher of the Richmond News, he has the role of scrutinising politicians, policies, issues and […]

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ISSCO in Canada: At Chinese diaspora conference, scholars will ponder impact of China events

OnePacificNews, July 4 2016, Monday Amid a reported new round of tightening on academic freedom in China, around 50 scholars from some of its universities will be forced to miss this week’s triennial conference in the western Canadian city of Richmond to exchange research findings on Chinese communities around the world. The scholars from China would have formed the largest […]

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Vancouver doesn’t have the world’s second most unaffordable housing: The art of selling a crisis

By NG WENG HOONG, October 8 2015, Thursday   Every city has its own urban legend: Vancouver’s fantasy over the last few years is that it has the world’s second most unaffordable housing. On the back of this piece of unchallenged, unverified scare story, Canadian opinion makers and media have been portraying a city pushed to breaking point by a […]

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Two views of the Chinese stock market crash: Willy Lam vs Chen Bo

OnePacificNews, July 17, 2015, Friday Two China scholars were in Vancouver the past week to share their contrasting perspectives of developments in the country. Given the country’s rise and the expansive global ambitions of President Xi Jingping, the focus on China today is no longer just for the academia. Starting out as a journalist, Hong kong-based Willy Wo-Lap Lam, 63, […]

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China’s stock market blow-up: the beginning of the collapse or just another speed bump?


OnePacificNews, July 8, 2015, Wednesday According to Bloomberg, the Shanghai Composite Index lost nearly 32% of its value over the past month, wiping out more than US$3.3 trillion in shareholder value on its way down from 5,132 points on June 8 to 3,507 points on July 8. Add this to the unfolding problems in Greece, the Eurozone, Russia, Latin America […]

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US vs China: At least they’re still talking to each other, and playing football

Photo source: FIFA

Photo source: FIFA OnePacificNews, June 25 2015 It’s USA vs China all week, starting with the 7th US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington DC from Monday, June 22 to Wednesday, and ending in Ottawa June 26, Friday with their women’s national soccer teams squaring off for a semi-final place in the World Cup. Hundreds of senior officials from both […]

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What if Canada succeeds as a major Renminbi clearing hub?

Photo source:

Photo source: Canadians face choice to welcome or oppose China’s growing influence and investment funds By NG WENG HOONG OnePacificNews, June 25, 2015, Thursday Amid the growing debate over China’s influence in Canada, an estimated 200 delegates attended the June 16 inaugural Pacific Finance & Trade Summit in Vancouver to promote Canada as a trading and clearing hub for […]

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Hate crime against Chinese realtors in Nanaimo. A spillover from Vancouver’s housing problems?


Nanaimo City. Photo source: Coast Realty Group   OnePacificNews, June 23 2015, Tuesday Check out the excerpts from two stories below from the Nanaimo Daily. Over the last two years, Vancouver’s mainstream media has taken to blaming Chinese demand for singlehandedly creating the city’s housing problems. Lacking balance and shorn of detailed investigative reporting to uncover other possible causes, their […]

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