UBC Professor calls out Globe and Mail’s ‘disgraceful’ attack on Michael Chan while Chinese community leaders stay silent

OnePacificNews, June 19 2015, Friday Three days after the Globe and Mail reported that Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan remains under investigation for his allegedly close ties to the Chinese government, Canada’s Chinese community and its leaders have largely remained silent. There has been no report in the mainstream English language press of comment or show of support for the […]

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Chinese migration to North America and the Magna Carta

Source: www.smithco.nl

OnePacificNews, June 16 2015, Tuesday According to Migration Policy Institute, a total of nearly three million Chinese nationals migrated to the US and Canada between 1980 and 2013. More than two million chose the US and nearly 900,000 went to Canada over that 33-year period which roughly coincides with the opening up of modern China. Like the many generations that […]

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Rohingya Genocide: The case of the missing stakeholders

Dalai Lama, official website

OnePacificNews, June 10 2015, Wednesday The suffering and humiliation of probably the world’s most oppressed people today provide a disgraceful moral reminder of what Asia still needs to do to try match its many material achievements. Depending on whom you ask, the Rohingya population living in southeastern Myanmar numbers anything between 700,00 and 1.5 million. But there is little disagreement […]

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BC’s LNG Memorandum May Help Premier Deflect Blame As Petronas Struggles

Michael Culbert and Christy Clark sign the MoU. Behind them, from left to right: Mike De Jong, Canada's Industry Minister James Moore and Rich Coleman

Michael Culbert and Christy Clark sign the MoU. Behind them, from left to right: Mike De Jong, Canada’s Industry Minister James Moore and Rich Coleman. Photo by OnePacificNews. http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/op-ed/Opinion+Uncertainty+grows+over+deal/11112497/story.html Opinion: Uncertainty grows over LNG deal ‘Conditional’ final investment decision expected from Petronas by June BY NG WENG HOONG, SPECIAL TO THE VANCOUVER SUN JUNE 5, 2015 In signing a much-awaited […]

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Canada to Chinese business migrants and investments: We don’t want you!

OnePacificNews, June 3 2015, Wednesday Forget about the recession and rising unemployment, Canada wants to curtail the influx of Chinese business migrants and their investments that might help the flagging Canadian economy which just shrank 0.6% in the first quarter. Complementing Ottawa’s wariness towards Beijing, ordinary Canadians and the mainstream media are souring on new Chinese arrivals, especially the wealthy, […]

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Chinese business migrants question BC’s plan on official languages requirement

OnePacificNews, June 1 2015, Monday Entrepreneurs from China hoping to migrate to Canada are protesting the BC government’s plan to require them to demonstrate working knowledge of at least one of the country’s two official languages or it won’t support their application for permanent residency. With Ottawa already imposing the minimum language requirement under the Federal programme, business applicants have […]

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